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E = con Esperienza / Experienced / con Experiencia

O = livello aperto / Open level / nivel abierto

Tessuti/Tissues/Telas - Dana Auguštin (SLO)

Tessuti / Fabric / Telas (E)

Dana Auguštin (Slovenia)


On the aerial tissues, the focus will be on technique, balance and quality of movement. We will explore various climbing sequences, combining different techniques of climbing into short choreographic phrases, the emphasis being on the posture, gesture and tempo. How to position our bodies so that they can be in balance in various figures on the tissues, using partial or no keys.

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Trapezio/Trapeze/Trapecio - Elisa Waldner (E/I)

Trapezio / Trapeze / Trapecio (O)

Elisa Waldner (España-Italia)


We will explore figures, position and movements on the trapeze (individually and in groups) and create short sequences. Based on a specific idea, expressive and creative possibilities will be explored and special attention will be given to the quality of movement as well as to constructive elements which beare meanings and give sense.

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Cerchio/Lyra/Aro (Karina Guzmán - MEX)

Cerchio / Lyra / Aro (E)

Karina Guzmán (México)


The aim is to find organic and smooth movement on the aerial hoop, through impulses and suspensions, without leaving aside static figures, which are based on an investigation of the balance between strength and flexibility.. Every body is capable of achieving dynamic sequences according to the freedom and confidence that each one achieves.

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Acro-Amaca/Acro-Hammock/Acro-Hamaca  (Dana Auguštin - SLO)

Acro-Amaca / Acro-Hammock / Acro-Hamaca (O)

Dana Auguštin (Slovenia)


The main focus of the Aerial Hammock Acrobatics will be to explore the basic figures, researching their variations and possible combinations that will gradually lead us towards short choreographic sequences, including rolls, twists and drops.

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Palo cinese/Chinese Pool/Palo chino (Silvia di Landro - I)

Palo cinese / Chinese Pool / Palo chino (O)

Silvia di Landro (Italia)


Various figures and transitions will be worked on the Chinese pole to create sequences following the principles of fluidity, lightness and continuity.

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Prese acrobatiche/Partner Acrobatics/Portés acrobáticos  (Noël Spauwen - NL)

Prese acrobatiche / Partner Acrobatics / Portés acrobáticos (O / E) 

Noël Spauwen (Netherlands)


In Noël's lessons, you will work on you acrobatic skills in duos, trios and groups, train hand to hand, foot to hand... The correct positions of carrying (base), standing (flyer) as well as assisting. Cooperation, group dynamics and ajustments will allow you to reach a higher level.

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Acroyoga (Marta de Fanti - I)

Acroyoga (O)

Marta de Fanti (Italia)


Listening to every movement, controlling the body but at the same time letting it go and feeling the force of gravity not only under the feet gives new, beautiful sensations. Sharing that sensation with others...
And what could be nicer than sharing happiness?

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Yoga (O)

Anja Brenko (Slovenia)


Movement, repetition, rhythm, and theory as driving forces of the classes. Through practice we can practically, actively, and consciously move through ourselves, with ourselves, in order to know ourselves better.

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Harness Dance "Voltige" (O)

 Simona Forlanini, Il Posto (Italy)


Dance suspended with the help of the harness, it is practiced with ropes of any length and with the use of the horizontal plane allows us to create dynamics and pulling rich in variety and energy. It is a discipline in continuous dialogue with the gravity and fluidity of movement.

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Ancoraggi/Rigging/Anclajes (Edoardo Danieli - I/E)

Coord. RIADA Show Time (E) 

Edoardo Danieli (Italia-España)


Il you are an intermedium or advanced aerialist and you would like to participate at RIADA Show Time, Edoardo will refine you act giving you some good advices.

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